Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Creating Business Solutions Through Technology

Meeting Business Goals With Technology

As your CIO and IT department, allow us to create a technology roadmap that will support and help you realize your organization's goals.

Your strategic technology planning should reflect the goals of your business.  Technology and specifically information technology, is a tool that can be utilized to automate tasks, allow people to work more efficiently, and communicate more effectively.

How We Help:

  • Assess current technology
    • Determine where technology is not meeting current needs
    • Assess internal practices regarding use of technology
    • Survey staff skills
  • Create a technology plan
    • Identify immediate, short term, and long term needs
    • Review data recovery procedures
    • Implement scheduled maintenance
    • Prepare equipment replacement plan
    • Evaluate and revise the plan regularly
  • Manage vendor relationships with hardware, software, and service providers
    • Phone systems
    • Copier/MFP devices
    • Internet service providers
    • Cloud service providers

We can then provide the equipment and services necessary to put your plan into action.  From network infrastructure to Internet and phone services, to cloud applications, to computer systems - we can provide the needed components to meet your goals.  That way you can do what you do best – run your business – instead of spending hours or days or weeks researching products and services that may or may not be ideal for you.

Harmony Technology Solutions is a certified partner of Lenovo - the largest manufacturer of desktops, small business servers, workstations, and laptop computers in the world today. Our already excellent customer service is backed by Lenovo's Atlanta, GA based support as well as extensive warranty and onsite service options.  We can sell and support many other brands as well.

We can also provide custom built Servers and Desktops for any needs that are not completely covered by Lenovo's extensive product lineup. With Harmony Technology Solutions you know you will be purchasing business grade equipment that is built to last and perform at maximum for its lifetime.